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Heartfelt Health: Navigating American Heart Month in Nursing Care

February is American Heart Month, a time for us to focus on a healthy heart and the prevention of heart disease. Crosbyton Nursing and Rehabilitation is keenly aware of the importance of heart health for our elderly residents. We educate our staff and residents on the risk factors for heart disease and how to prevent it. Our medical staff members at Crosbyton Nursing and Rehabilitation are trained to monitor our residents’ blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight to identify any risk factors for heart disease. We also encourage our residents to adopt heart-healthy habits like eating a balanced diet, doing some exercise regularly and quitting smoking.

In order to ensure that our residents have access to vital medical care to manage their heart health, we work closely with doctors and specialists to create individualized care plans that prioritize heart health. This includes monitoring medications, scheduling regular check-ups, and providing rehabilitation services as needed.

We also have created a supportive environment for our residents to promote their heart health. By encouraging socialization and activities that promote physical activity and stress reduction. Additionally, some of our staff members are trained to offer counseling and emotional support to residents who may be struggling with the stress of managing their heart health.

Crosbyton Nursing and Rehabilitation takes heart health seriously. We believe that education, access to medical care, and a supportive, conducive environment are key to promoting heart health in our elderly residents. During American Heart Month and throughout the year, we remain committed to providing the highest quality nursing care for our residents.

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